Group Members

Vinutha Ravinageswaran
Ph.D. Graduate Student

Development of instructional resources at the interface of chemistry and biology that fully integrate content for an interdisciplinary curriculum



Dee Dee Allen
Ph.D. 2003

“The Development and Assessment of an Active Learning Environment: cAcL2 Concept Advancement through Chemistry Laboratory-Lecture”

Zeshan Hasan
M.S. 2006

“Evaluation of Immersive Technology for Chemical Education”

Deborah Bromfield
Ph.D. 2009

“Development of Sensorial Experiments and their Implementation into Undergraduate Laboratories”

Caroline Christian
M.S. 2009

“The Development and Validation of a Visual-Spatial Chemistry Specific (VSCS) Assessment Tool”

Ph.D. 2010

“Examining Chemistry Students Visual-Perceptual Skills Using the VSCS Tool and Interview Data”

Sorangel Rodriguez-Velazquez
Ph.D. 2012

“Development of an Electrochemistry Teaching Sequence Using a Phenomenographic Approach”

Holly Schiltz
Ph.D. 2013

“Promoting Visualization Skills through Deconstruction Using Physical Models and a Visualization Activity Intervention”



Marc Muñiz
Ph.D. 2014

“Teaching Tools for Pedagogy at the Nanoscale: Towards the Understanding of Concepts Through Experience and Experimentation”

Amanda K. Cooper (Kat)
Ph.D. 2017

“Using Drawing-to-Learn, Argumentation, and 3-D Physical Models in the Study of Noncovalent Interactions for Biochemistry Instruction”

Melissa Babilonia-Rosa
Post-doctoral position 2016-2018

“Promotion of representational competency and visual-perceptual skills to strengthen visualization of chemical phenomena”


Lyniesha C. Wright

Ph.D. 2020

“Supporting the Teaching of Spectroscopy Concepts Using Models”


Emmanuel Echeverri

Ph.D. 2022

“A Virtual Reality Learning Environment to support students’ abilities to extract, represent, and predict stereochemical outcomes for the Diels-Alder reaction”